IT Recycling

IT Recycling Services

At Audiovisual Design Group we specialise in the buy back and the secure disposal of used IT equipment.

The average computer holds an information equivalent of over 1,000,000 documents – not to mention enough heavy metals and toxic elements to pollute our air, land and water. Placing these items in your dumpster, on your curb or even giving them away can put you at risk!

Our service includes –

  • securely wiping hard drive data to military standards,
  • disposing of non-functional kit in accordance with WEEE legislation,
  • Provision of full asset register of all equipment received including make, model, serial number, asset number – giving you a full audit trail.

We deal with all areas of used IT including PCs, laptops, servers, monitors and networking kits.

  • Secure Data Erasure
  • Asset Re-Sale
  • WEEE Recycling
  • On Site Data Erasure
  • On Site HDD Shredding
  • Full Asset Reporting

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